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Hangsen E Liquid 50ml (5x 10ml) – Mix And Match All Flavours

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Buy Cheap Hangsen E-Liquid – Genuine ProductsHangsen e-liquid is well known for offering its customers a huge collection of high-end, premium vape juice. With bases in Europe, Asia and North America, and a customer base spanning an impressive 85 countries around the world, it is fair to say that Hangsen is one of the largest e-liquid companies around the world.These Hangsen E Liquids are ready-to-..

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Buy Cheap Hangsen E-Liquid – Genuine Products

Hangsen e-liquid is well known for offering its customers a huge collection of high-end, premium vape juice. With bases in Europe, Asia and North America, and a customer base spanning an impressive 85 countries around the world, it is fair to say that Hangsen is one of the largest e-liquid companies around the world.

These Hangsen E Liquids are ready-to-use, which contains the flavour and nicotine strength. You can select between 3mg. 6mg, 12mg and 18mg of nicotine in it. The vape juice comes in a ratio of 70PG/30VG and it makes an ideal ejuice for vape pods or MTL (Mouth to Lung) choice of vaping.

For Mixed flavours, please select
and message us at checkout or/and send us a message. (Otherwise, we will send random flavours)

Note: The Flavour Blue Heisen is renamed Blue Sky.

Hangsen E-Liquid Best Flavours:

  • Aniseed
  • Hangsen Apple
  • Banana
  • Blackcurrant
  • Blueberry
  • Bubble Gum (Minty)
  • Cherry
  • Coconut
  • Coffee
  • Energy
  • Fruit Mix
  • Golden Silver (Tobacco)
  • Golden V. (Tobacco)
  • Grape
  • Ice Mint
  • Juicy peach
  • Kiwi apple and Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Hangsen Mango
  • Menthol
  • Hangsen Menthol Sensation
  • Pineapple
  • Red Sky
  • Raspberry
  • Red A
  • Red Cola (Cola)
  • RY4 (Tobacco)
  • Strawberry
  • Tobacco
  • Tobacco Mint
  • Triple Menthol
  • USA MIX (Tobacco)
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon

Who is Hangsen?

Hangsen e liquid entered the vaping market back in 2009. Since then its popularity has increased every ear, and it is now known as being a global leader in the e liquids business. The Hangsen CEO Jide Yao created the first e-liquid recipe that had a VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) base in 2005. This formula not only formed the recipe for e liquids at Hangsen, but it is also recognised as the go-to recipe for e juice manufacturing around the globe.

How Hangsen E-Liquids come to be?

What is now seen on vape shop and online stores all over the world was once just an idea, to begin with. Mr Yao, the Hangsen CEO and co-founder of Dekang had a medical background. It is this and his dismay at the effects of regular tobacco smoking on health that gave him the push to move forward and create the Hangsen E Liquid with a PG/VG base.

With research that started in 2004, lasted a year and cost millions of dollars, Mr Yao had what he needed to promote the enjoyment of vaping without the danger from tobacco smoking. Many would agree that this dedication has changed many lives, with more and more people now choose these e liquids and e cigarettes instead of continuing smoking which, without any exaggeration, could save them from smoking-related premature death.

Mr Yao’s research brought about the design and production of the first e-liquid in 2005 with a PG/VG base. This fundamentally changed the future of e-cigarette design.

Hangsen Impact in Vaping Industry

Founded in 2009 Hangsen were the first company to export e liquids with a PG/VG base around the world. Initially popular in the UK these new Hangsen vape liquids quickly gained popularity in Poland, and other major countries in the EU and then swiftly moved on to become a globally recognised and respected brand.

In 2012 Hangsen opens it’s Manchester office in order to cover the fast expansion and popularity in the UK that lead to a monthly production capacity capabilities to over six million bottles. Their customer service is one of the best in the industry.

How is Hangsen Different

There are thousands of e liquid manufacturers all over the world. What then makes Hangsen stand out from the rest in this ever-growing and innovating industry?

Being one of the largest vaping liquid company and with having so many achievements under their belt Hangsen have every right claim that their e-liquids are one of the best in the world, by volume of sales, popularity and thanks to the incredibly high level of customer enjoyment.

Hangsen Product Safety is Their Top Priority

All Hangsen manufacturing is undertaken using cutting edge manufacturing processes in high spec labs, and staff are all uniquely trained and skilled in order to be able to maintain the unique quality level expected from each batch of Hangsen e liquid.

Hangsen was both the first PG/VG e liquid maker and the first using natural plants as ingredients. Today these eliquid continue to be made with 99% pure nicotine and their flavourings are developed from natural ingredients. Hangsen’s mixologists use only the very best and carefully sourced vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in every batch that goes on the market. With an extraction factory facility spanning over 100000 feet to filter out anything unwanted and leave only the finest natural ingredients, it is no shock that the e-liquid produced to the highest safety standards.

What is E-Liquid?

For starters, we advise that e-liquid, e-juice, and vape juice all refer to the same thing. Those are just different names for the same thing. E-Liquid is the fluid that fuels the E-Cigarette. It is what provides the nicotine solution and the flavouring to your Electronic Cigarette.
It creates the vapour or cloud in which you exhale that mimics the traditional smoke from tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes and e-liquids are the perfect solutions for those who are ready to stop cigarettes but want the taste sensation of cigarette smoking.

What’s in E liquid?

E-Liquid uses base ingredients to create a smooth vaping experience. This base can consist of PG (Propylene Glycol),  VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or both. Most of our eLiquids have mixes containing 70% PG/VG 30% to 50% PG/VG 50%.  PG and VG are combined with natural or artificial flavours such as vanilla, strawberry, tobacco or blackcurrant that creates unique and satisfying vaping liquids.

What are PG and VG?

Both PG and VG are non-toxic, organic compounds that are considered safe for human consumption. Both have been widely used for decades as food additives in a variety of commercially available food products such as cheese, cereal, ice cream and soft drinks. PG and VG make up the base of all e-liquids and are what produce the throat hit and vapour clouds when vaping.

Vegetable Glycerin(VG)

Is a thick, sweet liquid that is the main producer of large vape clouds when vaping. Due to its thick consistency smaller vaporisers struggle to absorb VG liquid and it can sometimes cause a build-up of gunk in your atomiser. Some people have allergy’s to propylene glycol and for these vapers a max VG mix recommended.

Propylene Glycol(PG)

Is a thin tasteless liquid which mainly produces the throat hit while vaping. It is best suited to use flavours with a higher PG concentration for smaller vaporisers as it is less likely to gunk your atomiser. Your wick absorbs the liquid faster meaning you can vape it right after filling your vape tank.

Is there nicotine in E Liquid?

Our online vape shop sales vape juice that contains nicotine, these are known as TPD eliquids and are coming in 10ml bottles, and nicotine-free e-liquid that mostly known as Short Fills. Hangsen e-liquids come both with nicotine and 0mg/ml nicotine, we have them all.

What type of nicotine strengths does E-Liquid come in?

Our eLiquids are offered in 6 different strengths.
• 0mg Nicotine
• 3mg Nicotine – Very Mild Strenght
• 6mg Nicotine – Mild Strenght
• 12mg Nicotine – Extra Mild Strenght
• “18mg Nicotine – Strong Strenght
• 20mg Nicotine or Nic Salts E-liquids ( max allowed by TPD regulation in the UK)

Different Types Of E-Liquid

There are many different types of e-liquid. The most common types are:
• PG e-liquid
• VG e-liquid
• Salt nicotine e-liquid
• CBD Vape oil e-liquid

How to store e-liquids?

E-liquids should be stored in a cool, dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Many suppliers use coloured glass bottles to help reduce exposure to sunlight, but it is not a bad idea to keep any vape liquids that you are not actively using stored in a closed box.
Others also store them in the refrigerator. Most e-liquids will have an expiration date and manufacture date on the bottle. It is assumed that most juices expire 2 years after the date of manufacture. Be sure to keep e-liquid out of reach of children and pets.

E-Liquid Flavours

The delicious taste that can be found in every type of vape juice comes from food-quality ingredients. The bases of VG or PG don’t have much flavour on their own, but when mixed with a few food additives it can be possible to produce a robust flavour.
The industry is working to eliminate a series of additives that have been proven to be safe to eat but not inhale. Vape juices containing diacetyl, for example, are illegal in the UK. Flavours make up a small percentage of ejuice and add flavouring to the vape juice to create different styles. Food safe flavourings can be combined together to simulate flavours like birthday cake, cookies and more.
There’s a huge range of e-cigarette liquids on the market, so whether you have a sweet tooth or an adult palate, whether you like your nicotine flavour straight up or beautifully blended into a delicious and rewarding taste sensation, our vape shop has just what you need to find the perfect vaping experience for you.
More flavours are added to the range all the time so keep checking our web shop! Choice of nicotine levels Hangsen pride themselves on their innovative, natural tobacco extraction techniques resulting in a quality product that takes you closer to the real appeal of e liquid flavours.

Hangsen E Liquids Flavours

We have selected an extensive range of Hangsen ejuice flavours to feature here at There is something to suit all tastes including outstanding fruit, menthol and tobacco e liquids together with interesting and exciting flavours for picky vapers. Each features a 70PG base which is suitable for low wattage devices including vape pens, starter kits and pod systems.

Hangsen Tobacco E-Liquid

Hangsen e liquid is created differently to many other brands as natural tobacco is used to extract the essence needed for tobacco flavoured e liquids. This allows vapers to enjoy a true, natural tobacco taste that is incredibly enjoyable, authentic and yet still avoids the nasties contained with the chemical-filled tobacco that goes into cigarettes for smoking.
Ex-smokers who crave for the taste of tobacco will find everything they need in this large range. From the unmistakable and mellow Virginia to the wonderful Golden Tobacco, there are satisfying vapes to suit all tastes. Don’t miss out on USA Mix and if you like your tobacco sweet, RY4 and RY6 will hit the spot with their caramel and vanilla notes. We should also mention the Golden Tree. If you enjoy tobacco flavoured liquids, there’s plenty to choose from here.

Hangsen Menthol E Liquid

Hangsen have nailed their menthol and ice-cold flavours too. Tripple Mint is eminently cool, icicles start forming when you move on to Ice Mint or Menthol and you will reach absolute zero with Menthol sensation. There’s no doubt that you won’t run our of Hangsen menthol flavours in a hurry.
Hangsen Menthol e-Liquid wonders why smoke conventional menthol cigarettes, when you may enjoy the tongue-tingling minty tasting flavour of their menthol e liquid, captures perfectly?
This menthol flavour is on point menthol flavour at its very best. The popular flavours from this category include Ice Menthol, Strong Mint, Mango, Virginia, Double Menthol and Vanilla, to name a few.

Hangsen Fruit Flavours

Hangsen is well known for its top-quality natural fruit flavour e-liquids. The Blueberry flavour has been declared by many experts as one of the best on the market today. We stock an impressive fruit range from Hangsen from the popular Strawberry or Apple to more exotic ones like Coconut or Mango.

Frequently Asked Questions About E-Liquid

Are Hangsen E Liquids Safe?

Hangsen E Liquids are thoroughly tested for safety and quality before leaving their factory. All Hangsen bottles are supplied in a safe, childproof bottle and contain a label clearly showing the ingredients and nicotine content.

Does Hangsen E Liquids Contain Diacetyl?

Simple answer, NO! Hangsen e liquids do not contain diacetyl. Only top quality safe ingredients are used to make these amazing e liquids.

Is Hangsen e liquid good?

Hangsen e liquids are one of the best vape liquid manufacturers around and the quality is superior to most on the market. Since 2009, Hangsen has been the forerunner of the global e-cigarette industry.

Is there a safe vaping liquid

Most of the vaping liquids on the market today are safe to vape, however, make sure you read the labels as some of them might contain traces or allergen ingredients like nuts.

What is Premium E-Liquid

The answer is given by two key factors: ingredients and mixology. Premium e-liquid manufacturers, such as Voro Vape, Hangsen, Dinner Lady or Suicide Bunny use the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade and/or food-grade ingredients. From the propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), to the flavourings, what goes into the e-liquids makes all the difference.

Is it safer to vape or smoke?

Vaping Is less harmful than smoking, but It's Still Not Safe. E-cigarettes heat nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavourings and other chemicals to create an aerosol that you inhale. Regular tobacco cigarettes contain 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic. The latest studies have shown that vape is 95% less harmful than regular smoking.

Can you vape in the same room as a baby?

As there is no direct research on using e-cigarettes and SIDS, we suggest you do not share a bed with your baby if you use e-cigarettes. The safest option is to give up smoking entirely, but if you choose to use e-cigarettes instead then this is likely to be much safer.

Does vaping affect your stomach?

Ingesting too much nicotine can cause negative side effects, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or stomach ache. Eye irritation.




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